26 November 2014

This morning I got an email notifying my that the router shipment for the LibraryBox hadn't happened because the credit card payment didn't go through, and that they'd retry it. Huh, I said, maybe a holiday overload, and went to my Amazon account to see whether it was going to delay shipment. All kinds of red flags, acting like the card was cancelled. Uh oh. And then I looked at the last four digits, and remembered.

We got issued a new card because we'd used ours in the timeframe of one of the big retailer breaches. We activated the new cards, went "hmph" at the length of time they'd given us to change over, and moved on. Changed all our happy recurring charges and didn't think much of it. Well, not quite "all" - apparently I forgot to update my Amazon account. And they left the old number active long enough for me to forget we'd even had a changeover, and just let us keep using two different active credit cards.

Really, Visa? You're making soooo much money that you can afford to let that potential for fraud hang in the breeze like that? Daaang.

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