The club

One of my Facebook followers* made the inevitable joke about being glad he missed the open admission period because "I'd never join a club that would have me as a member." I haw-haw'd and we moved on.

I have two "social" Twitter accounts... one for the local Wichita scene, and one for the nerd scene - roleplaying, tech, et cetera. The first one's definitely my default (in fact, you'll see me reply to a lot of tilde tweets with it because I always forget to change the default when I'm replying from a list column in Tweetdeck). The second, well, I've been adding a lot of tildenizens to lately.

I'm picky about who I add, though, because I'm definitely a no-drama person. Following ~heather/@Heather_R's tildeclub list, I see about a million times more drama than I've ever known existed. Some of it's in-jokey but Poe's Law, y'know? So I've been looking carefully at everyone's bio and overall twitterstream before I follow them directly.

And some of those bios... man, these are people with their own Wikipedia entries and whose companies, usually of the "successful web startup" flavor, have their own Wikipedia entries.

BRB, gotta go raise some venture capital so I can fit in here.

(Okay, really I'll just try to stay sincere.)

* I know, I know. But I run a neighborhood full of elderly people, and I need to communicate with them.

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