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February 01, 2021 — wintermute

I have been giving a lot of thought lately to going off grid. Not completely, like most people think of off-grid, but getting a large wall tent, a wood stove, a rainwater collection system, a composting toilet, some solar panels and batteries, and a cellular hotspot. I would have all the luxuries of home, but none of the luxuries of home ;) a 16x20 tent, with a wood floor under it, would hold beds for my wife and I, and for our kids, with room left for the wood stove, plus maybe a modest TV and whatever belonging we keep with up. I would still be able to work, as I do remote work, and I could set up a solar shower and such as well. I could probably do all this for less than a new car, including buying a few acres of land to put it on, and then only have a cell phone bill and groceries as a regular monthly expense. Very, very tempting...



December 30, 2020 — wintermute

Back in the day, there was an early YouTube vlogger who went by lonelygirl15. Being a geek since the 80's, and definitely still one in 2006, I was aware of the phenomenon, especially the controversy about whether she was fake or not. I was meaning to check it out when she was most definitely outed as fake, and someone known as cassieiswatching released a video in response. This was the launch of a full-fledged ARG (which I was also aware of, but had never played before. To this day, the puppet master(s) identity is still unknown, but the release of this video caused me to jump in with both feet.

This ARG followed lg15 fairly closely, but involved lots of morse code, which typically led to ongodly anagrams, where each line decoded to a line from a poem. The structure of the anagram more-or- less dictated the structure of the poem. For instance, if there were more than one capital letter, then you know that the first word of the line was in caps, but there was a proper noun causing a second word to be in caps as well. The number of spaces in the line of the anagram dictated the number of spaces in the solved anagram. Things like that.

Then, suddenly, we failed. Previously, if we had problems solving one of these anagrams, we would get additional clues to push us along. But on the last anagram, we failed in the most epic way, leading us to what many suspect to be the death of Cassie (if she weren't already dead, anyhow) which meant we got no more help. This final anagram, the Anagram From Hell, has remained unsolved since it was released in 2006. Some lines have pretty good candidate solutions, but some remain completely unsolved.

Here is the anagram (line numbers added):

  1. Y eyeeu estew h ceoovrneht l irwu
  2. fyaugtbov tn ihalwp e T osaer iseh
  3. nskvseYe adep euiaw d nhetdroe o
  4. m hsddo yAeh n sodadu lewy aobec lnwdi
  5. ud ieosih tuyrla svtuI tlvty glgje he
  6. I oef gyaun laild ltd ay, esvKui o
  7. fu 'oye o el oomlte enmomlYy dvt
  8. wo ddooeeyTh oteth re- ehm r oine
  9. ehr' st ceTsit o tri aoenbei t,mu s
  10. ltnsIolB ruseur uyufft'o o e e
  11. ,lewab ooLk ownov oe dnad bpu
  12. k oahw emtu y Tslng i onaliso'
  13. eT we'ttae dsrho thos,ieat nl b n
  14. o i 'tbeko Yneohpo tuo ug ehdvtzny rwou
  15. oruu t e tw'o mloeiflYt ernt osabi
  16. ,cler oIre rmit ttii ur lknte ltwhu
  17. hdoltau ey e tm i awwaIoh imr g
  18. e y to h ad eiau oIhraet glrnteml
  19. w oho lgiw'sne tsre ahaeer Im l
  20. eeao siaC epnesrAto dns d nestc i
  21. esnnCsietpsre eea o dios at c

Here are some potential solutions:

  1. You were the ones with every clue
  2. The final step was right above you.
  3. Yet upon dead skies hovered anew
  4. (A) m hsddo yAeh n sodadu lewy aobec lnwdi ( 8 )
  5. (I) ud ieosih tuyrla svtuI tlvty glgje he (7)
  6. Kane is full, yet glad I avoid you.
  7. You've left me to my lonely doom
  8. The doe-eyed whore into the room
  9. Trace her to it, set in sin’s tomb
  10. Two possible solutions
    • (I, B) ltnsIolB ruseur uyufft'o o e e (6) (possible : I'll not suffer Bree too... )
    • But I’ll ensure you suffer too
  11. Look up above and down below,
  12. This is not a game you'll know
  13. The waters thin, so don't be late
  14. (Y) o i 'tbeko Yneohpo tuo ug ehdvtzny rwou ( 8 ) weight
  15. (Y) oruu t e tw'o mloeiflYt ernt osabi (7)
  16. (I) ,cler oIre rmit ttii ur lknte ltwhu (7)
  17. (I) hdoltau ey e tm i awwaIoh imr g ( 8 )
  18. (I) e y to h ad eiau oIhraet glrnteml ( 8 )
  19. Is a girl whom he won't release
  20. And Cassie does not rest in peace
  21. Cassie does not rest in peace.

Feel free to contribute anything possible solutions. These links might be helpful for further information:

CassieIsWatching on lgpedia

CassieIsWatching on YouTube

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December 23, 2020 — wintermute

After much hemming and hawing, and finally managing to get Disqus comments working, I have decided that I am going to use Bashblog to manage my page and gopherspace on It just seems to be the simplest solution to me ;)

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September 18, 2020 — wintermute

Welcome! Decided to try out bashblog for this blog post. I'm a bit unsure about whether to us this or the scripts I modified and wrote to update and use my gophermap instead. Still undecided...

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