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February 01, 2021 — wintermute

I have been giving a lot of thought lately to going off grid. Not completely, like most people think of off-grid, but getting a large wall tent, a wood stove, a rainwater collection system, a composting toilet, some solar panels and batteries, and a cellular hotspot. I would have all the luxuries of home, but none of the luxuries of home ;) a 16x20 tent, with a wood floor under it, would hold beds for my wife and I, and for our kids, with room left for the wood stove, plus maybe a modest TV and whatever belonging we keep with up. I would still be able to work, as I do remote work, and I could set up a solar shower and such as well. I could probably do all this for less than a new car, including buying a few acres of land to put it on, and then only have a cell phone bill and groceries as a regular monthly expense. Very, very tempting...


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