Sprouts and clamshells

Today is the first day of office work. When I came home I noticed not just the kale, but the brussels sprouts and edamame beans had sprouted as well. Great to see since our previous effort of sprouting edamames yielded only one succesful sprout.

The corn has begun to grow again after being transplanted, which it apperantly doesn't like. The zappalitos are starting to reach out vertically. Their sprouting leaves are dying. I suppose that is normal since I see it happen on every individual plant.

I can water my plants using the moat out back. If I reach down on my knees and hold my watering can a particular way I can fill it up. For some reason I hadn't realised I could use the moat. It's nice when something you need is provided just in the place where you need it.

I wanted to use some leftover clam shells to reduce the acidity of the chicken coop soil. I threw them into my branch grinder to see if that would grind them. It worked quite nicely. Applied the ground shells to the soil. Lets see what happens.