We decided to go to Zeeland to gather oysters, mussels and razor clams. Unfortunately we didn't find any of the latter two but oysters were as abundant as weeds. We cut open our hands trying to pry oysters free from the rocks at first but quickly got the hang of it.

When we were done we found out that the other side of the pier where we were gathering had just as many oysters that were a lot easier to pick. As a result, we brought home three buckets of which we only managed to eat two.

Oysters are great raw, with nothing added to it whatsoever. A tiny bit of lemon if you must. But we found they are also very nice when put on the barbecue untill they pop and hiss. Cooked oyster can be very dry but this way, they stay moist and taste amazing.

My body needed a break after eight days of work. Prying oysters loose from rocky piers was actually physically pretty similar to a lot of things I had done the past week. Still, it was relaxing. I Went for a swim too. Wonderful day.