The Church

Our corn will need some nitrogen soon, so I went to pick some nettles. In this village, there's a small enclosed area of trees behind the church. Since I grew up here I know it very well and it used to be full of nettles in certain areas. So I went there with a small bag and some gloves.

Passing the church, there was a funeral going on. Light music could be heard from inside. A church has a wonderful role in a small community like this. The area behind was very well kept, maybe better than it was when I was young. This meant there weren't as many nettles as there used to be, but still plenty. I collected a bag full of leaves, careful to not take any seeds with me. You can probably take the entire nettle too, but I had all the time in the world anyway.

When I came home I threw the leaves in a bucket and filled it with water. In seven to ten days it will be fermented and start to smell. I will filter it with a cheese cloth and put it in bottles. Dillute it with water in a one to ten ratio and I can fertilize my corn.