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July 28, 2020 — ~enamel

Yesterday's everyday was something a little different, and closer to what I do professionally. It was a very hot day and I wanted to see if I could keep the temperature inside my house cooler than outside and if so, by how much. My theory went something like this: first, draw in as much cool air overnight, then in the morning shut the windows and blinds (to reduce the solar load) and log indoor and outdoor temperatures over the day.

When I started logging data I had a pretty close correlation between the indoor and outdoor temps. As the outdoor temps started to rise, the indoor temp rose at a much higher rate. I am patting myself on the back at this point. However as I don't have air conditioning, I was expecting the indoor temp to track closer to the outdoor temp but I found the indoor temp to stay quite a bit lower than I was expecting.

Around 5pm I was measuring a 10 degree temperature difference, but I was pretty sceptical that I was measuring indoor temp accurately. I stepped outside and couldn't tell a huge difference. So I decided I would open the windows and turn the fans on and equalize the temperatures. After two hours I was not seeing the equalization I was expecting.

This data simply left me questioning my measuring devices. I was using my thermostat for indoor temp and pulling outdoor temp off the internet. I would love to repeat this experiment with more accurate and SELF LOGGING equipment. I also want to measure humidity as higher humidity in the house could have made the temperature difference feel lower.

Here is a table of data I don't trust:

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