plateau delayverb

January 06, 2022 — ~enamel

My new favorite VCV Rack jam, playing around with the incredible Plateau module from Valley

tags: bleep-bloops, vcv-rack, synth


August 09, 2021 — ~enamel

My favorite VCV Rack jam so far, a bass drum, a snare, two voices, and a whole lot of modulation.

Also I might as well post vcvrack_04 and vcvrack_05 for completeness, I wasn't too happy with them but here they are anyway.



tags: bleep-bloops, vcv-rack, synth


January 25, 2021 — ~enamel

Tutorial #3 was on the voltage controlled filter. I also was playing around with controlling the knobs with my new midi controller, the Arturia Minilab MkII. Not too happy with the outcome here, but made a video to document it nonetheless.

tags: bleep-bloops, vcv-rack, synth


January 06, 2021 — ~enamel

Continuing on Omri Cohen's beginner patches series, this one focuses on using an LFO to modulate the pulse width of a square wave and mangling the envelope generator. I also learned a valuable lesson about making sure your envelope is actually attenuating your signal.

tags: bleep-bloops, vcv-rack, synth


January 03, 2021 — ~enamel

A VCV Rack patch I made based on the first patch in Omri Cohen's tutorial series

tags: bleep-bloops, vcv-rack, synth