':.:':.:::.      .,-:::::/ :::::::..    :::.  .-:.     ::-.
 `;' `;;;`;;   ,;;-'````'  ;;;;``;;;;   ;;`;;  ';;.   ;;;;'
      ,[[ '[[, [[[   [[[[[[/[[[,/[[['  ,[[ '[[,  '[[,[[['  
     c$$$cc$$$c"$$c.    "$$ $$$$$$c   c$$$cc$$$c   c$$"    
      888   888,`Y8bo,,,o88o888b "88bo,888   888,,8P"`     
      YMM   ""`   `'YMUP"YMMMMMM   "W" YMM   ""`mM"        

@tilde_fortune twitter bot

Mon Oct 13 15:51:02 UTC 2014

In the end it was too easy to set this up. THANKS UNIX. I was planning to have to learn (more) python and choose a python Twitter library etc but in the end I just used TTYtter.pl called from a shell script. I even got to use TR(1) to strip newlines, woo-hoo!

So the bot is made up of:

It's a demonstration of the power of the Unix Philosophy of small well-defined tools that can be joined together easily.

Tweeting fortunes is fun but I'm thinking about creating a better source of tweets:

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