NYT Live Coverage of Super Bowl XLVII

This project was a close collaboration between Interactive News and the Sports desk. Beyond providing the wonderful live commentary during the game, we wanted to try a couple new things:

  1. Could we give our sports journalists a fast & easy to use tool to report major events in the game, like touchdowns, and have those events show up in line with the live blog posts?
  2. How could we provide context on who the players we were discussing were?

We did this by building both an almost simple-simon looking web admin - there were huge, different colored buttons that a journalist could hit at a glance that would trigger a "touchdown" by a particular team report.

I also worked with the sports desk to figure out what stats are most important to know about each position played in American Football, and then created a way to show additional, contextual information the first time a player was mentioned in the coverage in a hover card.