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Looking to join? We can't wait to meet you! §

Sign-ups will be re-launching on September 20th, 2019. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Several alternate sites have sprouted up

How did this accidentally awesome thing get started? §

Paul wrote an explanation on Medium and you can follow along with his thinking on his tilde blog.

I'm on Tilde, now what? §

Tilde has a great community culture and we're trying hard to keep it that way. We're working on some netiquette outlines for people who are new to all of this. In the meantime...

Got it, don't be a jerk. But how do I, like, do things? §

Here are some good places to start

Who are all these folks and what are they up to? §

How do you pronounce "tilde"? §

Tilde the word is pronounced TIL-duh. Tilde the community is pronounced TIL-dee.

We can't wait to meet you. Seriously.

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