LibraryBox progress

January 2, 2015

Well, it’s progress.
LibraryBox screenshot
There are still some things I need to localize (Google fonts, mostly) before I can load it onto the ‘Box itself, but I like this method better than the “dump everything into a filedir and let people pick off the Apache-generated directory listing” that LibraryBox software defaults to.

New year, new start

January 1, 2015

After all the fiddling around with a custom solution, I ran across this somewhat drastic WordPress theme, and decided for the same of simplicity that that was going to be my LibraryBox basis. It’ll run on my desktop machine, and be made static with a simple wget.

While I was setting that up, I decided to do the same thing with this blog, with a super-simple template, no fancy plugins, just keeping things simple.

The older stuff is still available in the blog directory. I might backport those entries in, or not. They’ll have disappeared from the atom feed, which I don’t like, but by the time I get around to putting them back in they’ll have expired.