January 2, 2015


Not to be confused with a résumé, this is my list of ~credentials. Just the technical stuff I know and can offer help with, none of the (pretty extensive) project and people managing stuff I know.

  • Perl development. I’ve done a lot of coding for pay, but Perl is always the language I’ve done my own stuff in. I know it best, especially the gotchas and security issues you have to watch out for when it’s running on the web.
  • JavaScript. Specifically, JQuery. I’ll grudgingly admit that JS can make things darned user-friendly on the browser side of things, and if you’re careful about it it can be a good way to run a REST client on multiple platforms. It’s probably a good way to run ~ apps, in that you can do some fancy stuff on the client side without having a lick of CGI on the server side.
  • Java. I learned Java (kinda) to write a My Little Pony plugin for Minecraft for my teenage son. (DON’T JUDGE.) I don’t know it so well outside the Bukkit framework, but it’s not so different from other C-like things I’ve played around with. I’m learning more of it for mobile platforms; a Perl web-app has traditionally been my go-to for cross-platform compatibility, but there are places where a purely local critter is important.
  • RPG-IV. Okay, it’s been a few years and I might not remember this so well. But it would come back to me pretty quickly, I’m sure. Ditto Delphi, Alpha/Four, C#/.net, Visual Basic, and all sorts of crazy stuff. Really, I’m at that point in my career where I can sit down with Google and a compiler and write passably in about any language. I can debug stuff I’ve never written in, provided the bugs aren’t super-esoteric. (I know enough about Perl to know that you can get some really freaky side-effect stuff you’d never even have considered, though.)
  • Apache. I’m a developer, not a sysadmin, but I’ve learned a fair amount about Apache, including some esoteric virtual-machine stuff. And security. Always the security.
  • WordPress. PHP is not my favorite language (perhaps unfairly… I mean, I don’t hold Matt’s Script Archive against Perl, or against Matt for that matter) but I can work with it, and I’ve learned a fair amount about debugging WordPress plugins by necessity. I’ve run a multi-domain WP install or three. Tilde won’t run WP, but you can run WP off on your desktop and produce static pages from it. I’ve been kind of tempted to try that.
  • More as I think of what might be useful here.

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