January 2, 2015

who silver is

That’s probably a little early for a proper picture (1991?) but it’s in the right decade so close enough.

I used to bill myself as the “world’s youngest System/36 programmer,” but I haven’t touched one since Y2K. I could probably knock the dust off my COBOL or RPG-III/IV or Visual Basic or even, have mercy, Business Basic, if I had to. By preference I code in RESTful Perl, but I like Java too and I’ve done C#/.NET, Delphi, PHP, Python, and a few other things. I’ve done MySQL and MSSQL, though Postgres is my preference. I can do the HTML and CSS and JavaScript on the front end, but I gotta admit if it was up to me the web would still look like it was 1996 only with fewer animated GIFs. I’ve been a full-stack developer since back when that meant “can solder up a twinax cable, write the code, and explain to the end user what they just did wrong and how we’re gonna fix it.” It’s been a few years since I had to solder a cable myself, but doggone it I can and will still do it if it comes to that. (full rẽsumẽ here)

@gamehawk on Twitter

tyrosinase on, because Minecraft is a crowded namespace and I didn’t pick the account name there

tyrosinase on Github, because that’s another crowded namespace

Still though the matching tilde site is now gone. I may bring it back.

I live in Wichita, Kansas, in the same house I lived in when I wrote my first tilde page.

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