Barriers to entry

Somewhere along the line, my post to tilde.projects (<>, I think) got interpreted as " could be a Facebook killer" rather than " should build a Facebook killer." Which is okay - that's an interest premise too (though probably OT for .projects).

Tilde is a tough social network. It was fun when it was just wall, but then it moved to IRC. I've never been a fan of IRC. And almost nobody has syndication feeds (look at my OPML so far and see how many I'm using Page2RSS for; do a

ls /home/*/public_html/*xml
and see how few feeds there are). There are a lot of tildenizens on Twitter but that's Twitter, not here, and the community that's there is largely one that existed before tilde. (Logically enough, since that's mostly how we all heard about it. I heard about it through ~jesse, whom I followed because of Perl, and had already noticed earlier times when he retweeted ~ford because I like Paul's Amiga avatar.)

Anyway, unless you're already a part of that circle, you really have to work hard to make tilde a social network. That's good, on the one hand, because there's value in having to work for something. But the FB-killer I have in mind is all about lowering the barriers to entry. It's a whole different animal. Though I guess that makes a good test: if it can make it here, it can make it anywhere.

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