Yeah, like I mentioned earlier I gotta learn git. I set up a Github account, put in it via the web thingy and... that was it. I have four tabs of Github documentation and tutorials opened, I have a lovely ebook bookmarked that ~winston... uh, @suchwinston (now I can't find him on ~) pointed me to, I have a brilliant systems administrator/architect in the same house with me... but nope, I have done nothing.

So okay, I've updated to dump a JSON file as well (and commented out the private files entirely), and I need to update my repo on Github. It goes something like this:

  • Set up my RSA key. That's pretty easily done, following their instructions (especially since I already had a key generated).

  • git clone

  • Following I decide I should add an upstream. It's the same as my origin (because I'm not actually forking this), so I may be doing something wrong, but whatever: git remote add upstream (the RSA key that was still in my buffer)

  • Dangit. (I always have trouble with the clipboard in LXDE between Firefox and UXTerm, but usually there isn't a dang carriage-return in the buffer...)

  • Hi, Stackoverflow. Oh, okay. git remote set-url --add upstream

  • Okay. Now I download the current from tilde to my local machine and... um... Github's tutorial stops there. I don't remember how to commit my ch... oh yeah, git commit.

  • git add

  • git commit -m "Updated sitemapper to produce JSON"

  • Okay! Um, now I need to push that to Github. tells me to sync using Github Desktop which is, um, Mac and Windows. Clearly as a Linux person I'm supposed to know what the heck I'm doing already.

  • Oh, wait. I remember git push... yeah. git push origin master (Okay yeah, I didn't really need that upstream.)

Holy wow you guys, I did it without having to pester any live people!

Page created: 07 November 2014

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