Poking at silos

I spent some time with some experimental scripts yesterday. Good news: everyone has an API (and CPAN has a library for every API, sometimes more than one). Bad news: no one's API is open. You gotta have an account to read the data. This is kind of okay, since you obviously have to have an account to post comments there, and pumpkin spice needs to be able to post comments. But not so okay if you want to use PS for discovering new people, which I think is important for a social network. So: bah.

I also poked at my blog-building script a little, since I realized it was updating index.html with the last time I'd changed the blog. I don't know why I didn't notice that on my sitemap, but I noticed it on ~JWärn's. Fixed now.

Putting just a snippet of the current blog entry means I don't show up on ~agray's most prolific report. This is probably good or I'd get self-conscious about all my jibba-jabba.

Anyway. It's the last nice day of this crazy extended summer, so I should probably get yard work done instead of digging up my Github account and starting a repo for my pumpkin spice noodlings. But probably I'll tell myself I *prefer* yard work in chilly temps and put that off.

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