Standing alone

I guess since LibraryBox's default site has web fonts served locally, I can do the same thing, so never mind the derp.

And then I realized that the stats and chat stuff on a LibraryBox happens via PHP. I've just been thinking, "oh, it's a stripped-down little box, don't wanna run any code on it," but it's got Perl. "Stripped-down" doesn't really mean what it used to. WE'RE LIVING IN THE FUTURE!

In other news, I'm kind of tempted to use Bootstrap templates here as well, though that's moving away from the 1996 ethos. If I can figure out template switching, maybe I'll use this template as a default.

I've also started populating the "local" section of the files. Magnet school applications (the neighborhood middle school is a hifalutin' magnet, which means neighborhood kids get bused down to a failing middle school on the south side of town even though there's a building right next to the elementary school), city council agendas (which no one will read, but I pull out the relevant bits of in blog entries), water-saving appliance rebates, blog entries in PDF form, whatever I can think of that people might find useful.

I'm hoping some of the neighborhood music sources will upload some stuff. There's a local bar that's done a lot of live music, and has some informal recordings on YouTube. There's an annual music festival (metal, I think... something I'm too old for, anyway) that has plenty of local-band contacts, and would probably find a festival-covering LibraryBox (or maybe PirateBox) useful. And there's a recording studio or two that probably has some aspiring musicians who'd like to get their music out there. I ordered a non-portable version of the unit, so I can compare ranges and test inter-box communication ideas, and so I have one to park somewhere permanently here soon.

Page created: 02 December 2014

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