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2014.10.3 An intro

My first tilde was at, where i published casserole recipes and ran a little magazine of short stories called Guff.

I was unknowingly primed for building websites in my first job typesetting on a VAX system, falling in love with messaging co-workers and learning how to mail, setpers, and finger. I'm an online editor now after years as, variously, print designer, web developer, admin, etc. In some ways, since i haven't been actively develop sites lately, editing this in a terminal feels more natural and direct than the machinations required for many modern development platforms.

I'm not usually a joiner, but was too oddly appealing to pass up. It's good to reset once in a while. When society collapses and all that's left is smouldering ruins and canned spam, you'll still be able to find a unix prompt somewhere, and maybe you'll find a friend there too.

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