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2015-01-12 overwintering

As happens, i got wrapped up in writing a script to automate pages here, blog style, and it's a good idea, but i just didn't finish it, and time spent writing that took away from writing time, as too often happens. So bollocks to the script for now, and let's not leave this on a cancerous note. I'm fine, minus a little skin, and trying to wrap up some project loose ends.

The bike project got finished, but just as the cold was coming on, so it hasn't been on the road more than a couple of miles; an initial road test, and one grocery run in the cold that left me with a blinding headache. I don't think the headache was the bike's fault. So that pristine, lovely bike is going to sit until we thaw in the spring, but in my limited riding i'm still quite happy with it. I'll eventually post some pictures of the final setup. I'm particularly looking forward to building another LED headlight to go with the neat dyno hub i put on it.

The next project is already in the hopper though, and i'm so excited to get started:

red 1969 Triumph TR6

This is a 1969 Triumph TR6 that has been in the family for at least 30 years or more, but has been sitting in a cousin's garage for the past 10 years. My brother had it shipped to us in MN, and we're going to get it back on the road. Not a full restoration (we're too time- and money-poor for that right now), but at least safe and roadworthy and stable until it can get more attention.

I recognize the irony of a middle-aged guy (which my brother and i both are, admittedly) getting a little red sports car. It's a ridiculous stereotype. If it's any help, this isn't driven by the need to regain youth or attract the young ladies, but really just as a fun project - the car is a blast to drive, and we both love working on classic cars. It's also a way to honor our dad, who had the car for 10 years or so, tinkering with it and driving it occassionally with our stepmom to see the sunset on the Oregon coast. He died a year ago this month, so fixing and driving a car that he also put some blood and sweat into is as connected as we can be with him now. I can't wait to get it back on the road.

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