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2014.10.10 update

Tried updating this page through ssh on my phone last night and realized how hard it is to type on a phone on a train while simultaneously keeping an eye on my bike 10 feet away in the bike rack. Anyway.

I know ~ford and some others might be working on a super simple blogging system, but that hasn't kept me from thinking about trying it myself too. I started building something like this years ago but never finished, but partly because i was doing it all through web forms and went down a design rabbit hold from which the project never recovered. Starting as a simple ssh app might be a small enough piece to get it finished.

It's interesting how has been evolving (or not) over the past week. I've given up on randomly clicking through the user list both because there are too many to keep track of, and because there are so many inactive accounts. Same for the recent changes list, tbh, but mostly because those log every save, and more often than not there isn't much new to see. It would be more useful to have a system to manually ping an update page (or twitter bot) when there's an update worth reading, and not just a slight change in the page's background color or something.

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