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2015-11-01 TR6 Project update

Our TR6 went into winter storage today. A bit of a shame, since we'll be back in the upper 60s for a couple more days, but prudent, because we also had our first snow flurries of the year last week.

At 130 miles, today's trip was actually the longest one the car has made this year. Since we just got it running again this spring, it's also the longest trip it's done in at least 15 years. It drove great, no problems other than a slightly dragging brake caliper, but we were already planning to pull those for rebuilding this winter. We've probably put about 350 miles on it this year total.

This is a fairly complete list of the work we did on it this year:

List of work planned for this winter and next year:

After next year, hopefully the major mechanical systems should be solid and we can move on to more cosmetic things, like refinishing the dashboard and guages, new body seals, maybe carpeting. Mostly more driving though, lots more driving time.

I'm really happy with the progress we've made and how well it's running, having started with a mostly unknown quantity last December. I'm going to miss driving it the next few months, and heading to the garage evenings for tinkering time. It's been a really fun year with that car.

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