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2014.10.6 The kitchen project

I've been working on my house all summer, one of my bigger improvement projects. The short version is that my house was built in 1909, and hence originally featured an icebox in the back hallway, with no space anywhere for a refrigerator. After living with a partially blocked door for 14 years, i decided the solution was to close a door and open a wall. Specifically, the wall between my pantry and back door hall.

Moving the fridge opened up a shallow corner, so i was able to build a custom cabinet to fit there, making some welcome new storage space that's convenient to both cooking area and dining room.

I knew the floor where the ice box was had rot (maple that's hard as nails elsewhere in the house was crumbly here), but i ended up both replacing the sub-floor as well as sistering the joists there as well. It's nice and sturdy now, and tile went in this past weekend. This is the approx. 5x5' space behind that wall, standing where the wall came out, entrance to the left, blocked door (eventually to be a wall) to the right.

I'll add before/after pix when it's closer to really being done.

New background photo from my 2013 trip to Japan, where i was taken by the craftsmanship of everyday objects enough to make a whole flickr set of the textures of Japan.

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